Weekends of Recovery

MaleSurvivor Weekends of Recovery are open to any man 18 or older who been sexually victimized as child and/or as an adult.

If you have any questions about the Weekends of Recovery please contact Howard Fradkin at hfradkin@malesurvivor.org .

2014 Weekends of Recovery Schedule

The Weekends of Recovery were begun in 2001 by MaleSurvivor as an additional service to our members to help them make further progress in their recovery. The weekends were designed to assist any adult survivor who was seeking further support in his recovery by being in the company of other male survivors. In addition, the weekends were designed to introduce additional tools men could use when they returned home to assist in making further headway in their recovery. It was felt from the beginning that the weekends needed to be highly structured and professionally facilitated utilizing the highest professional standards available. Weekends of Recovery are facilitated by trained therapists, utilizing the same clinical boundaries and code of ethics as adopted by the American Psychological Association. The weekends are adjuncts to participants' ongoing recovery work with individual and/or group psychotherapy, twelve step programs, and individual spiritual work, and are not meant to substitute for the participants' local support systems that are consistent with their own recovery.


Dependent on MaleSurvivor's scholarship fund balance, a limited number of partial scholarships will be available for this weekend. If you have a need for a scholarship, please email Howard Fradkin at hfradkin@columbus.rr.com, or mail a letter to Howard at 918 S. Front St., Columbus, OH 43206. Please state the reason for your scholarship request, and the amount of scholarship aid you will need in order to attend. We encourage those requesting scholarships to apply for partial scholarships and to commit to paying some portion of the registration yourself (or ask others to assist you in your support group). This enables MaleSurvivor to make more scholarships available to more participants. We can only provide assistance with registration costs, and cannot at this time provide any assistance with transportation costs.

If you are in a position to assist with our scholarship fund, you can contribute through our donation page or on the registration form. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Scholarship Registration