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Sandusky Trial

As the Sandusky trial moves forward, MaleSurvivor will be providing expert information to help people make sense out of what is happening, and will offer helpful tips and support for those who may become triggered by trial coverage. The following section, our Facebook page and our Twitter account will be updated regularly.

If you find yourself feeling upset, confused, and/or triggered by the coverage of the trial please try to take some time to practice self care. Taking a few deep breaths, trying to center yourself, and getting some exercise are all good ways to train your focus onto other things. And, of course, remember our discussion forums and chat room are always open and a great place to find support. If you are in crisis, please contact your therapist or a doctor.

Sandusky Trial Headlines
MaleSurvivor 6/19/12 Statement Issued
Tom Hodson

During the Sandusky trial, MaleSurvivor Communications Committee Chair Thomas Hodson (who is himself a former attorney, trial judge, and is now a journalist) will be sharing with us some helpful explanations of the stages of a criminal trial. Our hope is that sharing this information here will help people better understand what is going on behind the scenes, and eliminate some of the confusion and uncertainty that will inevitably come up. Please follow our Twitter and Facebook pages for more information and reactions as well.

SVP, Sentencing, and what's next


Will Defendant Testify

Rebuttal Testimony

Tips for those struggling with Sandusky Coverage

Defense Strategies

Burden of Proof

Jury Selection

Opening Statements

Sandusky Trial: Witness Presentation Explained

Message from Dr. Howard Fradkin, Co-Chair of the Weekends of Recovery
Reflectons and Responses
Other Resources