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Privacy Statement

MaleSurvivor has created this privacy statement to demonstrate its firm commitment to privacy by informing site visitors of the MaleSurvivor's data collection and storage practices, and guidelines for use of visitor data.

User Tracking and Data Capture Practices
Our servers collect and aggregate user information site-wide, including anonymous site statistics, such as the number of views of each page. We log domain names and/or IP addresses of visitors (such as umich.edu, aol.com,, etc.), which permits us to know "where" visitors are from, or what access service they use, without knowing their individual identities. Because we do not require users to register with us, this "host level" tracking is our primary basis for assessing traffic patterns.

On certain pages such as the MaleSurvivor Feedback Form, we give users the option of providing us with names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, and other personal information, and various other kinds of details. This more personal information is gathered only with users` knowing and active permission and participation.

Our Chat Room and Discussion Board makes use of cookies for user tracking, content customization, and other purposes.

MaleSurvivor Publications Merchandise Customer Records
The MaleSurvivor website store features a "shopping cart" tool that relies on .perl script using a "session ID," and therefore does not collect any customer data prior to the completion of the order. E-mail addresses provided by customers are used only to communicate about the customer's order. Customer postal addresses will never be exchanged with other organizations.

Exchange of MaleSurvivor Member Addresses
Individual information about website visitors, including e-mail addresses, is never shared with third parties.

Membership Information
MaleSurvivor does not sell, loan or rent out our membership list to anyone.