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Reactions and Resources for those touched by the events at Penn State

Everyone at MaleSurvivor has been deeply moved by the tragic news that has recently come to light at Penn State. We know all too well the horrors the victims have faced, and the challenges many of them will face are only beginning to come to grips with. We stand firm in our commitment to offer support to all of the victims. Through our website, International Conference, and Weekend of Recovery program we have provided the support thousands of men have needed to step out of the shadows and shame of their pain and begin the healing process.

If you have come to here looking for help, please visit our discussion forums, or our therapist and support group directories.

What you can do to help protect children from abuse

I've gotten a couple questions from people who have been wondering how parent/teachers/caregivers and adults in general can better protect kids from being abused, and what they should do if they suspect a child in their lives has been abused. I hope the following post will help start provide some insight and guidance. Please feel free to share...

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A letter from the President of MaleSurvivor regarding the lessons to be learned

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I can offer the perspective of someone who knows what it is like to be enamored of an adult who befriends and then violates you. I understand what it is like to not be able to find words to describe the violation not only of your body but your trust and affection. Although each survivor is unique and situations are different, there is a common bond that those of us who have been sexually assaulted by someone known and trusted by ourselves and our family share...

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MaleSurvivor's Dr. Howard Fradkin to appear on Dr. Phil Show

Dr. Howard Fradkin, Co-Chair of the MaleSurvivor Weekend of Recovery Program, will appear on the Dr. Phil Show on Friday, November 18. The show's topic will be the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal, and Dr. Fradkin will provide his expert insight regarding men who have survived sexual abuse. Please check your local TV listings for stations and air times.

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MaleSurvivor speaks out about the abuse scandal at Penn State.

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MaleSurvivor, a leading, global not-for-profit organization dedicated to overcoming sexual victimization of boys and men, issued a statement today through Advisory Board Member Dr. Howard Fradkin regarding the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse allegations. The former Penn State coach is currently under investigation for abusing eight boys over a 15-year period...

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