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Nominations Sub-committee - Murray Schane, M.D., Chair

This committee is formed at such time that an election is eminent. The Nomination and Elections Sub-committee is to ensure that Nomination Forms are made available to all Board members, with instructions that each Board member must sign and forward said forms to any nominee for whom that Board member serves as contact. Further, the Nomination Form must have attached a description of all Committees and Sub-committees in order for nominees to identify their area of interest as a member of the Board and as a potential committee chair.

The Nomination and Elections Sub-committee is to collect all completed Nomination Forms and ensure that nominee bios are forwarded to all voting members prior to each election. Distribution of this material may be through the newsletter and the web site.

All votes for Board positions are forwarded to the Nomination and Election Sub-committee for tallying. Once the election is complete, successful nominee and the Board of Directors are to be informed by the Sub-committee. An announcement of the successful nominee is also to be forward to the Webmaster and Chair of the Newsletter.

The Chair of the Nomination and Elections Sub-committee must provide reports to the Chair of the Governance Committee at the point at which Nominations are closed, and again once any election is completed. Once these tasks are completed, this sub-committee will disband until the next election.