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Media Sub-committee - Richard Gartner, Ph.D. , Chair

This Sub-committee is the liaison between MaleSurvivor and the media. In carrying out this task, this sub-committee is to ensure that the Organization is represented in the media in such a way as to accurately convey our philosophy, provide accurate information about sexual victimization of males, and which will foster greater understanding and acceptance by general public.

The Media Sub-committee will keep current on breaking stories in the news media and with new research. Whenever possible statistics and data re: relative issues will be gathered for the purpose of interviews or requests for information from media. Generally, the Chair of the Media Sub-committee will act as the Organizations spokesperson to the media. All requests for interviews, statements or background information should be referred to the Chair of this sub-committee.

The Chair of the Media Subcommittee is to provide a report to the Chair of the Education/Communication Committee one month prior to each Board meeting.