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Fred Tolson
2001 Recipient

Photograph Courtesy of Emily Samuelson, Ph.D. "SOARING ABOVE THE ASHES: Thriving Beyond Childhood Sexual Abuse" An oral history/photography project co-sponsored by RAINN and Incest Awareness Foundation 28 Allegheny Avenue #1305 Towson, Maryland 21204 (410) 296-7715

Fred Tolson is a survivor and in 1990 founded Men Assisting, Leading & Educating (MALE), a nonprofit organization dedicated to healing male survivors of sexual abuse. MALE published the newsletter, Men's Issues Forum and provided the first national 800 support number for male survivors. MALE was the first survivor organization to include victims and offenders in its mission. MALE held it's first survivor conference in Denver, CO in 1995 and merged with NOMSV (now MaleSurvivor) at the Sixth World Interdisciplinary Conference in Columbus, OH. He is the Webmaster for MaleSurvivor and served on the NOMSV Board of Directors from 1998-2001 and was elected President of MaleSurvivor for two years in 2004.

Fred has presented at numerous national conferences and workshops about the sexual abuse of males and the treatment of sexual offenders. Fred was the editor of Sexual Crimes and Research and Victim Resources and Support for the Netscape/Mozilla Open Directory Project and is the author of "Be Silent No Longer", a booklet for adolescent male survivors. He served on the advisory board of Stop Prison Rape, a national organization dealing with rape in confinement and the board of directors of the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

"I believe one of our most important missions in preventing the sexual abuse of males is by working to prevent all forms of sexual victimization. We do this through public education, advocating treatment for victims and perpetrators, and offering our voices and experience to those developing prevention programs."

He is a Partner in Offender Technologies, LLC, Economic Offense Treatment Services, LLC and Sexual Offense Resource Services, LLC in Denver, CO.