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Mic Hunter, PsyD
1999 Recipient

Dr. Mic Hunter holds Minnesota licenses as a Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist. His educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in psychology from Macalester College, a Master of Arts degree in Human Development from St. Mary's College, a Master of Science degree in Education/Psychological Services from the University of Wisconsin, and a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Minnesota School of Professional Psychology. He has completed both the Chemical Dependency and Family Intimacy Training Program, and the Alcohol and Drug Counselor Education Program at the University of Minnesota, and the Two-year Post-graduate Program at the Gestalt Institute of the Twin Cities.

Prior to opening his practice in St. Paul, Minnesota Mic was employed in several chemical dependency treatment programs and mental health centers in Minnesota. Along with Peter Dimock and Jim Struve, he was a founding member of Shunomi Creek Consultants, a professional training organization in Atlanta, Georgia.

He holds the rank of Adjunct Program Associate Professor in both the Human Development and the Education and Educational Administration Departments of Saint Mary's University of Minnesota.

He has spoken over 200 times throughout North America to both professional audiences and the general public. He has presented the Annual Meetings of the American Association Of Sex ducators, Counselors and Therapists, the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex, American Psychological Association and the American Orthopsychiatric Association. He has presented at all of the national conferences on male sexual abuse survivors, including giving two keynote address. He has been sought out by the print and broadcast media for interviews over one hundred times. He serves as a reviewer for The Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, The Journal of Interpersonal Violence, The Journal of Men's Studies, Violence Against Women, and Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity. He was a Board Member of The National Organization On Male Sexual Victimization, served the Editor of organization's newsletter, and is currently on the Scientific and Administrative Advisory Committee. In 1999 he received The Fay Honey Knopp Memorial Award National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization, "For recognition of his contributions to the field of male sexual victimization treatment and knowledge."

In addition to articles, Mic is the author of Abused Boys: The Neglected Victims of Sexual Abuse, The First Step for People in Relationships with Sex Addicts, Joyous Sexuality: Healing From Family Sexual Dysfunction, and The Twelve Steps and Shame. He is the editor of The Sexually Abused Male, Volume I: Prevalence, Impact and Treatment and Volume II: Application of Treatment Strategies, Child Survivors and Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse: Treatment Innovations, and Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse: Treatment Innovations. His most recent project was co-authoring with Jim Struve, The Ethical Use of Touch in Psychotherapy.

For 15 years his hobby was creating a photographic documentary focusing on the disappearance of the traditional male barbershop which was published as The American Barbershop:A Closer Look at a Disappearing Place.