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Sponsorship Opportunities

If you would like more information about becoming an affiliate sponsor of this year's conference please contact Trisha Massa at tmassa@malesurvivor.org, or simply download our sponsorship form here.

MaleSurvivor 13th International Conference: A World of Healing

In March of 2010, MaleSurvivor organized and held it's most successful international conference. From all corners of the globe, more than 400 survivors, psychologists, social workers, academic researchers, members of the law enforcement, and friends of the cause came together to share stories, research, and insights. The assistance and support received from conference affiliate sponsors and donors were essential to the success of that conference.

Your sponsorship could be a vital part of bringing MaleSurvivor's message of "A World of Healing" to the millions of men who have been victimized around the world. Our next international conference is set for November 15 - 18, 2012, 2010. The conference will take place at the facility of our co-sponsor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, located in New York City. The Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT) is serving as sponsor of CEs for the conference.

May we count on you to help make next year's conference even better by becoming an affiliate sponsor?
  • As an affiliate sponsor, we ask you to include our conference brochures in your general mailings, send information about this event to you Listserv on our behalf, place a link from your website to our website conference announcement and / or provide in-kind services.
  • Affiliate sponsors will be listed on the MaleSurvivor website, along with a direct link to your website, and your organization will be listed in all of our conference literature.
  • Affiliate sponsor are eligible for conference registration as outlined on the attached sponsorship agreement.
  • Your participation in the conference program would also be most welcome.
About male sexual victimization:
  • Research indicates that 17% of men have been directly victimized sexually by age 16 (one in six), while another 14% reported indirect sexual abuse (a total of one in four).
  • Abused boys and men typically do not report their molestations because of deep shame, guilt, and the false ideal of male imperviousness.
  • Abuse often results in clinical depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and such self-destructive behaviors as substance abuse and sexual compulsions.
  • Prevailing myths about sexually abused boys also interfere with recognizing and treating the problem, especially the misconception that they become perpetrators of abuse, whereas the vast majority of abused boys never become sexual offenders.
The 2012 conference will have four emphases*:
  1. Healing workshops and day-long institutes for sexually abused men;
  2. Seminars for professionals treating survivors and/or perpetrators of sexual abuse;
  3. Meetings related to the prevention of boyhood sexual victimization; and
  4. Presentations on current issues as well as reports of scientific research about this under-studied area.

(*CEs for the conference will be sponsored by the Institute for Violence, Abuse and Trauma Research Training)

Joining with us as a conference sponsor will benefit both of our organizations and, most importantly, men and boys healing from sexual victimization. An Affiliate Sponsorship Form accompanies this letter. Please feel free to contact us should you need additional information.

With thanks and regards,

Ernesto Mujica, Ph.D.Trisha Massa
MaleSurvivor 2012 Conference Co-ChairMaleSurvivor 2012 Conference Co-Chair

MaleSurvivor National Organization against Male Sexual Victimization
4768 Broadway #527, New York, NY 10034 - 800.738.4181
email: Conference@MaleSurvivor.org