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MaleSurvivor 2010 International Conference
March 18-21, 2010 at
John Jay College / NYC
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Plan on attending our next, even more groundbreaking conference in 2010. It promises to be, as it always has been, a transformative experience. Here's just a sampling...

All-day Institutes with:

  • Mike Lew
  • Steve LePore and Rick Goodwin
  • Ken Followell and Daniel Blausey
  • Mikele Rauch
  • Tony Rodriguez and Mari Lee
  • Denise Hien
  • Richard Gartner and Ernesto Mujica

Featured Speakers:

  • Robert Oxnam: China scholar and former president of the Asia Society, author of the memoir A Fractured Mind
  • Victor Vieth: Executive Director of National Child Protection Training Center
  • Ken Adams: author of Silently Seduced and When He's Married to Mom
  • Howard Fradkin: Director of MaleSurvivor's Weekends of Recovery program
  • Larry Lessig: Renowned law professor, author and advocate for accountability

Special themes:

  • Advocacy
  • Abuse within Institutions
    (religious, educational, military, and correctional)
  • Addictions
  • Treatment

CEs are being administered by IVAT