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By-laws Sub-committee

This committee has the responsibility of ensuring that the activities of the Organization adhere to the spirit and letter of the Constitution and By-laws . Where the Board of Directors, from time to time, recognize the need to amend the By-laws, this Sub-committee will ensure that the By-laws on the web site, in the possession of the Board of Directors and head office reflect those changes. The By-laws Sub-committee may be called upon to provide appropriate wording of amendments, as requested by the Board of Directors.

The By-laws Sub-committee must also ensure that new amendments to the By-laws do not conflict with other by-laws. Where such conflicts arise, the By-laws Sub-committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors to resolve the conflict.

The By-laws Sub-committee is to ensure that all changes are recorded as outlined above within one month of any amendments being adopted. The By-laws Sub-committee may make recommendations to the Board of Directors whenever new developments or the growth of the organization may benefit by or require such changes. Reports to the Chair of the Governance Committee are required one month prior to each Board retreat. These reports are to include a summary of all amendments put in place at the last or subsequent to the last Board retreat, and any recommendation to new amendments for consideration at the next retreat.