Milwaukee, WI Agency Sponsored Survivor Support Group
Agency Sponsored
Milwaukee, WI Agency Sponsored Survivor Support Group
The Healing Center
611 W National Ave. 4th F
Runs 3 cycles a year date time fluctuates; current day & time is Tuesday: 5:00-6:30pm
Jim Frieberger, Jose Salazar, Jennifer Ward
Intake required before participation in group
The Healing Center holds a weekly support group for adult male survivors of sexual abuse and assault. Survivors join together to offer support and build community with each other while working on their healing journey. The group varies between 7-12 participants and themes covered include shame and guilt, anger, emotions, impact of trauma, ptsd, grounding and mindfulness, coping skills, relationships, boundaries and dealing with memories and flashback.
Milwaukee, WI: Circles of Silence
Peer Facilitated
Milwaukee, WI: Circles of Silence
Location is at the Spiritual Health Network, Inc facility. Address is 2923A South Delaware Ave, Milwaukee, WI. 53207. Map and information included in website.
Meetings are the first Tuesday evening per month from 6:30 PM till 8:00 PM or open ended as needed. Meetings during the summer months are open ended depending upon activities or need. One on one meetings are available as needed.
Karl Larson, Rev and survivor
Dick Silberman, MD and trauma/stress/depression survivor
Karl A. Larson, Rev 414-491-3706
No Fee is required and donations can be given upon choice.
There are no membership requirements other than an RSVP to emails. Names and phone numbers are not required. Complete discretion is required and given and personal information can be given if the attendee chooses to.
“Circles of Silence” is for men that have been sexually molested and abused as a child. It is peer led and attendee driven with compassion and empathy to help heal and educate.
This is my personal mission to break this cycle of molestation and abuse.

first posted 11-22-13

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