Support Groups in the United States/Canada

Monterey: All Day Retreats for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Agency Sponsored
Monterey: All Day Retreats for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Monterey County Rape Crisis Center
Quarterly All Day Retreats throughout the year. See website for dates and times
Nickolas J. McDaniel, MFTI
(Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, Sex Therapist Intern – supervised by Stephen L. Braveman
Low-Fee Sliding Scale
Men must be either in the on-going weekly group, have been in the group at some time or are welcomed via at least a phone interview.
This all-day Retreat is based upon the on-going weekly group – allowing us to go deeper and do group exercises which time does not allow during the weekly 2 hour period, such as Family Sculpting, Psycho-drama and Drumming. In this group men will find a safe, nurturing place to move beyond pain related to childhood sexual abuse. Participants will find assistance working through isolation, fear, confusion, depression, low self-esteem and anger with other men who have had similar experiences. Come feel safety and trust as you gain greater self control and share the recovery process with other men like you!
This is the group who created and produced the film “Boyhood Shadows: I Swore I’d Never Tell” and a PSA that preceded it. See for streaming videos and articles about this group and other related issues.
Montréal Peer Led Survivor Support Group
Peer Facilitated
Montréal Peer Led Survivor Support Group
8105 Avenue de Gaspé
bureau 100
We have many groups at different moments in the year.
Individual responsible for the group changes
Alain Jobidon, Director 514-529-5567
H2P 2J9
Groups are free, but we accept donations
Have to be men over 18 years old; abused in their childhood/teenage years (before the age of 18 years old); at least one memory of the sexual abuses, not have perpetrated the acts of abuse on children.
CRIPHASE is a non-for-profit community organization founded in March 1997. It was specifically created in order to help men who were victims of sexual abuse during their childhood.

The counselors are professionals with a large experience and who possess a unique expertise of the consequences lived by adult men who were victims of sexual abuse during their childhood
New Britain Trauma Recovery Empowerment Support Group
Agency Sponsored
New Britain Trauma Recovery Empowerment Support Group
New Britain YWCA
Monthly group; First Thursday of each month starting July 2nd 2015. 6-8 PM.
Nuriye Rumeli- Cruz M.A. in Counseling
860-225-4681 x.214
New Britain
Initial interview is a must.
The purpose of the Trauma Recovery Empowerment Support Group is to create a safe, supportive and judgement free environment where survivors can discuss their healing journey and the trends/issues they might face with. This group will be using the TREM-M model and some handouts/discussion topics will be provided.
New Face to Face Men’s Survivor Group in Fort Worth Texas
: 550 Bailey Avenue,
Suite 235

An open group for men who have been sexually abused. The group will work with a structured curriculum and focus on understanding the impact of abuse, address shame and loss in healthy ways, and support members to create healthy narratives they want going forward in their lives/


Monday 6:30 – 8:00 pm`
Tamara Allen
(817) 713-7223
Suite 608, Box 88
Fort Worth
This is an open group, meaning new members can join at any time. The fee
is $60 per session, with a monthly commitment. Members pay for a month
at a time, reserving their seat for that month. Exceptions will be made for
known absences that are scheduled before the beginning of a month.
Call or e-mail to discuss whether this group is appropriate for you:
Tamara Allen, (817) 713-7223 or
New Market Ontario Agency Sponsored Survivor Support Group
Agency Sponsored
New Market Ontario Agency Sponsored Survivor Support Group
New Market Ontario
Thursdays, 6-8 pm.
Contact agency for information.
Brent Diaz, Clinical Coordinator, Adult & Adolescent Program, York Region Abuse Program: Phone: 905-853-3040 x314
New Market
No Fee
In order to keep our services as safe as we can, we ask that two things are true of all clients. One is that they have experienced childhood sexual abuse and, two that they have not committed a sexual offence. We also require our clients to take part in a face-to-face Social History interview prior to commencing group, to gather pertinent information and to determine group readiness.
Therapy group for men that operates from a Trauma model of group therapy.
Our groups are offered in three 10-week cycles/year (Winter, Spring, Fall). They are closed groups, meaning that members are admitted only at the beginning of our cycles (January, April, September). The group is limited to 10 men, and is facilitated by two trained professional facilitators. Please call for more information.
New Mexico: Men Healing SexualAssault Trauma (MHSATNM)
Peer Facilitated
New Mexico: Men Healing SexualAssault Trauma (MHSATNM)
”Fresh Start” Online Chat: weekly, Friday evening 7pm-8pm (Mountain Time) Peer to Peer Meeting: weekly, Saturday afternoon 4pm-5pm (MT)
Nolberto Garcia, co-founder Hank Estrada, co-founder Contact: (575) 742-8087
”Fresh Start” Online Chat: available
and open to any male survivor. Pre-interview required with MHSATNM chat leader.

Peer to Peer Meeting: by invitation only. Requires
participation in a minimum of three ”Fresh Start” Online chat sessions in order to be invited to attend a Saturday Peer to Peer meeting in person.
Peer to peer, survivor to survivor support
meetings held weekly.
Male survivors of sexual assault, non perpetrators.
MHSATNM is made up of male survivor volunteers who have faced sexual assault trauma and want to share their knowledge and healing experiences with other survivors. We are NOT a non-profit organization and do not require membership dues. Participation is voluntary and free to participate in
North Pinellas and Pasco County Male Survivors Group  Support Group Directory:
Private Practice
North Pinellas and Pasco County Male Survivors Group Support Group Directory:
(Call for location.)
Weekly Sessions – times vary based on client preferences
Dr. Mary D. Lutzo, PhD, LMHC, NCC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor (MH7808)
Clinical Mental Health Specialist in Trauma Counseling
New Port Richey
$40 per session payable by cash or check; $45 if using credit card
$40 per session payable by cash or check; $45 if using credit card
On-going 1.5 hour group sessions. Clients can join the group at any time. A confidential and safe environment providing support and therapy for male survivors. Separate groups available for spouses and significant others of male survivors.
Norwalk, Ct. Peer Support Group
Peer Facilitated
Norwalk, Ct. Peer Support Group
Every Monday: 7:00-8:00pm. Three more meetings are added to the schedule please call 203-520-2130 for more information.
Ronald Wicke
Suggested only = $5.00
Mixed gender, open to all trauma and abuse survivors
Healing and compassionate, committed to personal growth and understanding
Check out:

Website Address:
NYC Psychotherapy group for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse
Peer Facilitated
NYC Psychotherapy group for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse
Michael Singer’s office
365 West End Avenue
Suite 1B
Weekly: Mondays, 7:45 – 9:15pm
Michael C. Singer, PhD
New York City
My fee is $75 per session, although I maintain a sliding scale for those in need.
Participants should concurrently be engaged in individual therapy or have had long-term therapy in the past. Members are requested to commit to 10 sessions. I would like to meet with interested men twice before joining the group, and then individually every three months to process feelings about the group experience.
My first responsibility is to keep the group safe, so that members are empowered to be open, vulnerable, and curious. This group will offer support, understanding, and therapeutic exploration of the impact of sexual abuse on the lives of survivors, with the goals of healing from the abuse and making lives better. Sexual abuse also encroaches on the survivor’s ability to be engaged with others. This group experience, added to in-depth individual treatment, offers an opportunity for support, understanding, bonding, and forming healthier and safer relationships.
NYC Support Group for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Private Practice
NYC Support Group for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
411 W. 114th Street
Weekly on Wednesdays from 6pm to 7:30pm, open-ended“
Louise Kindley, LCSW
New York City
Initial interview required, prefer concurrent individual therapy but not essential, ask for 6 month commitment
Group Description: This group is for men who have been in individual therapy focusing on childhood abuse for at least two years. The goal of the group is to explore ways in which survival skills developed as children are creating hindrances to accomplishing adult goals. The group is intensely interactive. The emphasis is on relationships within the group which mirror inter-relationship problems experienced by members in their personal lives. Each member sets an individual goal based on his current issues. As the facilitator, my role is to keep the discussion on track, provide insight based on my clinical experience and keep the room safe by helping members to express feelings and resolve conflicts.
I am a psychotherapist specializing in individual and group treatment for men who were sexually abused as children. Currently, in addition to my private practice, I provide clinical supervision for staff at the Crime Victims Treatment Center of St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital in New York City, where I pioneered our treatment program for male survivors of sexual abuse. As a trauma specialist, I have provided individual and group treatment to over a thousand survivors of sexual abuse and assault.

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