Support Groups in the United States/Canada

Edison, New Jersey Agency Sponsored Survivor Support Group
Agency Sponsored
Edison, New Jersey Agency Sponsored Survivor Support Group
Tuesday Evenings (subject to change)
Jeanne Manchin, LCSW
732-321-1189 x321
No Fee
Must be Middlesex County Resident
Professionally facilitated support group for male survivors of sexual assault or abuse.
Two 10-12 session group cycles run each year. Once the group cycle begins no new members are brought into the group
Fairfax Co. Drop-in Support Group
Agency Sponsored
Fairfax Co. Drop-in Support Group
Pohick Regional Library
6450 Sydenstricker Rd
7:30 – 9:00 PM on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month
Chris Davies, MS, Supervisor, Survivor Services, Counseling 703-704-6727; TTY 703-324-5706.
No cost. No residency requirements.
A free drop-in support group for men who experienced sexual abuse. The group focuses on discussion and support and is not a treatment group, although there is a focus on healing and growth.
Survivor Services – Counseling is a program operated by the Office for Women & Domestic and Sexual Violence Services in Fairfax County, Virginia We provide short-term individual and/or family counseling for men (and women and children) who are survivors of sexual violence (or domestic violence). These services are offered without fee to County residents at sites in Fairfax, Chantilly, Reston, Falls Church, and Alexandria.

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Private Practice
Convention Center
InterWorks, Inc.
Oklahoma City
Greater Boston Male Survivor Support Group
Peer Facilitated
Greater Boston Male Survivor Support Group
(see also Boston North Shore Group in Revere, MA)
We meet bi-monthly on Sundays 6-8pm
603 819 9708,
All members must be male survivors of sexual abuse, must be non-perpetrators, and must be currently receiving or have previously received therapy. It is expected that all members attend every group session. Therefore, membership is viewed as a serious commitment. It is important for us to know that each member of the group is going to be there for one another week in and week out. Obviously family emergencies and other events that are not in one’s control will be allowed, but it is expected that if a meeting is to be missed you contact the group coordinator who is responsible for running that session.
Our goal is to create a trusting, loving, supporting, and judgment free community of Male Survivors. We are here to listen and support one another, giving feedback when welcomed.
Even though this group is full as of 10-20-11, we are eager to help other groups start in the Boston area. Please contact Chris Shay if you are interested. See above for contact info.
See also Boston North Shore Group in Revere, MA.

Meeting Structure:
A different coordinator will be appointed each meeting. The goal here is to give everyone a chance to run the meetings and to share the responsibility. The responsibilities of the coordinator include the following:

1) Begin the meeting with a 2-5 minute check-in from each member.
2) Compile and lead discussion of a list of “Topics of the Day” taken from email suggestions provided by group members throughout the week.
Note: Serious/urgent individual needs supersede “Topics of the Day” and will be discussed first.
3) Ensure everyone has a chance to speak, and that the person speaking does not get interrupted. All of our Voices are important and will be heard. Members are expected to raise their hand when they have something to add. The coordinator is responsible for calling on people and making sure only one person is talking at a time, thereby giving everyone a fair chance to speak.
4) Keep track of the time.
5) Close the meeting with a 2-5 min checkout/self-care from each member.
Group Chat

Mondays 10am

Tim Price
10 years
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Groups run by Richard Gartner, PhD
Private Practice
Groups run by Richard Gartner, PhD
14 Fifth Avenue in lower Manhattan, New York City, near the A, B, C, D, E, F, M, 6 ,and R subways and the PATH train
Two groups, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday, each from 7:30 – 9:00 pm
Richard Gartner, PhD
New York
$80 per group session and $175 for individual sessions as needed (see below). A sliding scale possible when there is financial need.
Each group member must be in individual therapy concurrently with being in the group, whether with the group therapist or another therapist. Groups often bring up issues that are best dealt with privately and therefore it is essential that each member have a safe place of his own to talk about his reactions. Before entering the group, each man meets at least three times with the therapist. This is so members have a chance to learn about the group and the therapist and the therapist can be sure there is a good “fit” between the new member and the ongoing group. In addition, men in individual therapy with another therapist meet once every three months with Dr. Gartner to process their group experience.
These are long term groups that have been running for a number of years with a slow turnover in group membership. Groups are often include both straight and gay men as well as both men who are partnered/married and single. Each man shares with the others a common experience (whether as a child or as an adult) of having been sexually abused, exploited, or violated by someone older or more powerful. The abuse may have been overt or covert; chronic or a single time; by a stranger, someone known to him, or a family member; and by a male or female abuser. The man may have recognized the abuse for what it was, or not; may have enjoyed some aspects of the experience, or not; may have been frightened or physically hurt, or not; and may have disclosed what happened at the time, or not. The group focuses on both the immediate and longterm aftereffects of the abuse experience, including many issues that may not seem obviously related to the abuse, including addictions and compulsions; shame, depression, and anxiety; relationship problems with partners, bosses, or others; anger management issues; anxiety around other men; sexual dysfunctions including lack of interest, erectile problems, compulsive sexuality or watching of pornography; and others. The groups often become warm, trusting environments where men can talk about personal issues of all kinds that they may never have discussed with anyone before.
Prospective group members are invited to look at my web site ( or if they wish to read my books — Beyond Betrayal: Taking Charge of Your Life after Boyhood Sexual Abuse and Betrayed as Boys: Psychodynamic Treatment of Sexually Abused Men.
Healing the Hidden Hurts –Men & Non-Consensual Sex
Private Practice
Healing the Hidden Hurts –Men & Non-Consensual Sex
1090 University Avenue
Loft 202B
Thursday evenings 6-8 p.m., open ended group
C. Allen Ruyle, LCSW
San Diego
$50 / session
Prospective participants in the group must have no fewer than two individual sessions with the group facilitator to assess “goodness of fit.” Participants agree
to a minimum initial four-month commitment but typically stay much longer. Participants are strongly encouraged to be engaged in concurrent individual therapy while working in group
This group is for men who are confronting their history of sexual trauma. We provide members a safe place to talk about what was done to them, explore
how it affected them, determine changes they want to make in their lives and
identify paths that might take them there. The group focuses on breaking down the cycle of shame and isolation, learning how to develop safe relationships while
supporting and being supported by others who share their experiences
Hudson Valley, NY Peer Facilitated Support Group
Peer Facilitated
Hudson Valley, NY Peer Facilitated Support Group
Capital region of New York: inclusive of Northern NY, Hudson Valley Region and Mohawk valley area
Second Wednesday of the month – time available from group contact
Peer Led Group
Tom Smith, Phone: 518-441-1400
Northern NY, Hudson Valley Region and Mohawk valley area
No Fee
A member of the group conducts an interview in advance of an invitation to the group. The goal of this interview is to provide an overview of how the group operates and to determine if the individual is at a place in their recovery for this peer led group. All members of this group must be in individual therapy for recovery and preferably have attended a Male Survivor Weekend of Recovery.
Indianapolis Support Group
Peer Facilitated
Indianapolis Support Group
Monthly meetings vary between discussion, speaker, topic and literature
Volunteer Facilitator
(812) 756-3769
optional donation for materials
-Be a survivor of sexual abuse, rape, or any sexual exploitation
– Be a non-perpetrator
– Be 18 years of age or older
Peer to peer support group (no therapist present) for adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse, rape, or any exploitation. Format varies month to month including topical discussion, open discussion, literature discussion.
Introduction to Sacred Sexuality/Tantra:  All Day Retreat for Couples Dealing with Childhood Sexual Abuse
Private Practice
Introduction to Sacred Sexuality/Tantra: All Day Retreat for Couples Dealing with Childhood Sexual Abuse
Introduction to Sacred Sexuality/Tantra: All Day Retreat for Couples Dealing with Childhood Sexual Abuse
Beginners and Advanced Full Weekend Couple’s workshops meeting throughout the year. See website for dates and times
Stephen L. Braveman, LMFT, DST
(Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Diplomate of Sex Therapy, Tantra Educator)

Rabia Erduman, CHT, RPP, CMP, VCSW
(Tantra Educator)
$395/per couple
Free Intake Session
Specifically designed for Survivors of Sexual Abuse, a safe, very confidential weekend in which you and your partner will learn Tantra basics, such as partnered breath and gazing exercises, that will help you celebrate a much happier and healthier intimate, sexual life together. Both days are dedicated to learning Tantra techniques, which you and your partner will be able to immediately start practicing at home, utilizing demonstration, couple’s exercises involving light touch and movement of body, energy and love and group discussion.ï€ Couples will practice the techniques learned while remaining fully clothed. No direct genital touch will occur during this workshop.
See for streaming videos and articles about this group and other related issues.

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