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Columbus Male Survivors

Our support group is designed to allow participants to share individual stories, successes and failures in an environment of safety as each of us travel the road of recovery.  We are a peer lead support group who meet every other Saturday morning in downtown Columbus Ohio.   In order to maintain confidentiality and stability of the group we are not a walk-in group.  We talk with perspective members to see where they are in their recovery and what their needs are before they join the meetings.  Being that there are no therapists present we want to make sure that new folks understand how we work and that we are a good fit.

Dan Adams
Men’s Healing Group
Progressive Psychotherapy
3 Barnard Lane
3rd Floor

A group for men who have a history of molestation and oriented toward healing inner child integrated with native wisdom / spirituality.



Every other Thursday starting November 9, 2017
Debra Franklin
860 308-1071
$40 with sliding scale and insurance accepted
New Face to Face Men’s Survivor Group in Fort Worth Texas
: 550 Bailey Avenue,
Suite 235

An open group for men who have been sexually abused. The group will work with a structured curriculum and focus on understanding the impact of abuse, address shame and loss in healthy ways, and support members to create healthy narratives they want going forward in their lives/


Monday 6:30 – 8:00 pm`
Tamara Allen
(817) 713-7223
Suite 608, Box 88
Fort Worth
This is an open group, meaning new members can join at any time. The fee
is $60 per session, with a monthly commitment. Members pay for a month
at a time, reserving their seat for that month. Exceptions will be made for
known absences that are scheduled before the beginning of a month.
Call or e-mail to discuss whether this group is appropriate for you:
Tamara Allen, (817) 713-7223 or
SafeHouse of Shelby County
Male Survivor of Sexual Assault Support Group
Pelham, AL
PO Box 275

Wednesdays from 5-6:30

Erica Barron
United States
Phone Interview
Support Group for Male Survivors of Sexual Assault
Please call for additional information on location.

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