Boston — Time-Limited Group for Male Survivors of Sexual Trauma
Agency Sponsored
Boston — Time-Limited Group for Male Survivors of Sexual Trauma
Fenway Health
1340 Boylston Street
to be determined weekly; 12 week cycle
to be determine
617 927-6250
Informal intake interview required beforehand.
We ask that participants be in concurrent individual therapy and have some basic grounding skills at their disposal.
Commitment to attend the full series (12 weeks) is required.
Intake required.
No drop-ins.
Free time-limited group for male survivors of sexual abuse and/or sexual assault. Violence Recovery Program at Fenway Health
The Violence Recovery Program (VRP) at Fenway Health also offers counseling and advocacy to members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community who have recently experienced domestic violence, hate crimes, sexual assault, harassment, discrimination and other traumatic events. Other groups include Trauma Education; Domestic Violence; Mindfulness and Movement.

Behavioral Health at Fenway offers individual and group therapy for a broad range of mental-health issues.
Greater Boston Male Survivor Support Group
Peer Facilitated
Greater Boston Male Survivor Support Group
(see also Boston North Shore Group in Revere, MA)
We meet bi-monthly on Sundays 6-8pm
603 819 9708,
All members must be male survivors of sexual abuse, must be non-perpetrators, and must be currently receiving or have previously received therapy. It is expected that all members attend every group session. Therefore, membership is viewed as a serious commitment. It is important for us to know that each member of the group is going to be there for one another week in and week out. Obviously family emergencies and other events that are not in one’s control will be allowed, but it is expected that if a meeting is to be missed you contact the group coordinator who is responsible for running that session.
Our goal is to create a trusting, loving, supporting, and judgment free community of Male Survivors. We are here to listen and support one another, giving feedback when welcomed.
Even though this group is full as of 10-20-11, we are eager to help other groups start in the Boston area. Please contact Chris Shay if you are interested. See above for contact info.
See also Boston North Shore Group in Revere, MA.

Meeting Structure:
A different coordinator will be appointed each meeting. The goal here is to give everyone a chance to run the meetings and to share the responsibility. The responsibilities of the coordinator include the following:

1) Begin the meeting with a 2-5 minute check-in from each member.
2) Compile and lead discussion of a list of “Topics of the Day” taken from email suggestions provided by group members throughout the week.
Note: Serious/urgent individual needs supersede “Topics of the Day” and will be discussed first.
3) Ensure everyone has a chance to speak, and that the person speaking does not get interrupted. All of our Voices are important and will be heard. Members are expected to raise their hand when they have something to add. The coordinator is responsible for calling on people and making sure only one person is talking at a time, thereby giving everyone a fair chance to speak.
4) Keep track of the time.
5) Close the meeting with a 2-5 min checkout/self-care from each member.

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