MaleSurvivor Weekend of Recovery Scholarship Application (MS Word format – After clicking this link please check your Downloads folder for the form.)

MaleSurvivor Weekend of Recovery Scholarship Application (PDF format – After clicking this link please check your Downloads folder for the form.)

We are always seeking support for the scholarship fund. If you are in a position to make a tax deductible donation to help subsidize the cost of these weekends for survivors of limited means, please make a donation today.


We understand that not everyone has the monetary resources to self-pay to attend a MaleSurvivor Weekend of Recovery. Therefore, we maintain a commitment to helping potential participants find alternative resources in cases of financial hardship or limited income.

We have established an on-going WoR Scholarship Fund. To apply for financial assistance thru MaleSurvivor, please download the Scholarship Application using one of the links at the top of this page then complete and submit the form. Unfortunately, our scholarship funds are limited so we may not be able to approve all applications. The maximum scholarship amount we can grant is 75% of the registration fee, which may still make the registration fee out of reach for some potential participants.

Therefore, we want to encourage you to be bold and creative in considering other options for securing financial assistance to make it possible for you to attend a Weekend of Recovery. If you are looking for interesting ideas to raise funds to attend, then this page is for you! We will look at some traditional funding mechanisms for funding a Weekend, as well as some out-of-the-box ideas.

If you are seeking financial assistance to attend the Weekend, the first thing to do is consider your health insurance plan. Some of the larger carriers do provide reimbursement for specific interventions such as the Weekend of Recovery if you ask. Call the utilization management office of your insurance company and be sure to stress the weekend is “facilitated by licensed mental health clinicians”. Of course, they probably can’t cover the costs of transportation, but may be able to provide partial reimbursement. Also, be sure to speak with your carrier about possible coverage if you have a health savings account, medical savings account, health flexible spending arrangement or a health reimbursement arrangement. Many of these arrangements provide tax-sheltered dollars for health expenses that are not covered by regular insurance; it’s your money, but without payroll taxes taken out it means significant savings!

There are also many opportunities for funding assistance within your community. If you are active with your spiritual community, they can sometimes provide financial support. Often, family members strongly support the healing of survivors and are willing to help out. It may feel uncomfortable to ask, but it may be a surprise for you to know that professional fundraisers feel the same! The truth is that most people want opportunities to support others and are happy to have an opportunity to help out- usually folks are glad to be asked!

An innovative way to raise money is crowdfunding on the Internet. Crowdfunding is a relatively new source of grassroots funding that has popped up in the last ten years. If you are skilled on the computer and know a lot of people, crowdfunding may be for you!

Crowdfunding sites work on the premise that grassroots support- a lot of people giving small amounts- can add up quickly. These sites are very different from one another, so it is worthwhile to check them out carefully. Some will not release funds unless the target amount is raised and others hand over the entire amount raised regardless of targets. They have varying percentages of overhead costs; in other words, how much of your funds they will take to cover their own expenses. Some crowdfunders require incentives to those who donate, which might be an important consideration for you. And not all sites will support an individual’s personal health services! Two that do are: and

We have seen a number of interesting and creative ways that people have come up with to raise funding for health care that is not reimbursable through traditional methods. Do you have an activity or skill you are passionate about?

Sometimes the old-fashioned ways of raising money work best for people, and can be the most fun! One interesting method we have seen is based on fundraisers where the person raising the funds identifies an activity that they are passionate about and can do well, such as playing a musical instrument, swimming laps or shelling peas. Then, you would come up with an extraordinary amount of peas to shell, hours to play or laps to swim; something above and beyond the ordinary that will inspire your supporters with your dedication and help them open their wallets. Before the event, you would sign up sponsors for your activity- again, looking at small amounts of money for the unit of measurement- numbers of peas, laps or songs. So, if you sign up 50 people to sponsor you at 10 cents a pea, then you shell five hundred peas, you just raised $2,500.00! Plus, the pea-shelling, music-playing or lap-swimming event can be fun for folks as well- a great opportunity for a party!

Leaning towards a more traditional type of fundraising event? We have seen people take tried and true fundraising events, such as wine-tasting parties and tailor them to personal fundraising. Often, you might be able to locate a retailer to donate wine, cheese, or other materials you may need to hold a recreational event. When inviting your friends and family, be sure to make it very clear on the invitation that this is an “Ask” event and donations will be expected by using language such as, “Help us support Jason’s healing journey by attending our fabulous wine and cheese tasting event! Suggested donations begin at $25.00 at the door. Educational materials will be available about the Weekend of Recovery. Bring your healing energy and your checkbook and we will see you there!”

If you intend to plan an event, party, or any sort of gathering to raise some funds, we highly recommend Whindo- a new event management site that is very easy to use and very low-cost.

Whindo is extremely user-friendly, has many highly usable features and can be completely tailored to your needs. Best of all, if there is no ticket charge for your event, there is no cost to use Whindo, and if you are charging an admission price, the maximum per-ticket charge is only 99 cents! We also really appreciate the comprehensive, responsive and friendly technical support. Please visit to find out more.

Are you a high-tech kind of guy? The Internet offers some interesting ways to raise funds from friends, family and interested supporters.

If you have a technological bent and keep your own website, you could embed a funding widget on your page. One simple widget available for free is ChipIn. ChipIn works on your website, or you can open a ChipIn blog where you can tell your story and that supports the widget. While ChipIn is free, there will be small charges associated with the payment method, PayPal. See more details at

Other popular widgets can be seen at and of course, at the PayPal widget site: PayPal

You can see there are many avenues to raise some additional funding for the life-changing Weekend of Recovery! Think these over carefully- there are privacy issues if you chose to use social media, or you can consider it an opportunity to tell your story of healing and recovery. Only you know who is able to see your social media and how much you wish to share. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please feel free to contact Weekends Co-Chair Jim Struve at

(We are always seeking support for the scholarship fund. If you are in a position to make a tax deductible donation to help subsidize the cost of these weekends for survivors of limited means, please contact Executive Director Christopher Anderson at