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MaleSurvivor is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible as permitted by law. View our Guidestar Information here.


You are not alone. Welcome to the MaleSurvivor community, which provides resources and support for men who were sexually victimized as children, adolescents, or adults.


Network with other professionals facing the unique challenges of working with male survivors while also learning from men who are themselves healing from sexual victimization.

Weekends of Recovery

Discover a personal sense of community on MaleSurvivor's Weekends of Recovery as you connect in safety to other men on personal healing journeys.


Your generosity can change lives. Join our mission to advocate for male survivors, help healing, and prevent sexual abuse. MaleSurvivor is unique. It endures through your support.

Featured Documentaries

Boys and Men Healing
by Kathy Barbini & Simon Weinberg
A Big Voice Pictures Production, 2010

Boys and Men Healing premiered at the MaleSurvivor 12th International Conference in New York City on March 19, 2010. It was our privilege to also welcome to the conference the three courageous men who were featured in the film, Mark Crawford and David Lisak, both of whom are members of MaleSurvivor, as well as Tony Rogers and film producer Kathy Barbini.

Boys and Men Healing is an excellent education and training resource that is now being distributed throughout the United States, as well as worldwide.


Back on Track - Men talking about Childhood Sexual Assault

Back on Track Men talking about Childhood Sexual Assault
by SECASA (South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault)

Back on Track is a unique uplifting short film about the healing journeys of men who have experienced childhood sexual assault. To view a trailer of this documentary, please click on the above graphic.

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General Fund

General Fund donations make an immediate impact and are among the most important funds we receive. Without donations to the General Fund, MaleSurvivor simply would not exist. Moneys contributed to General Fund allow us to do the important work of operating MaleSurvivor on a day-to\-day basis. General Fund donations help maintain the website, offset administrative costs, and provide MaleSurvivor with the funds we need to help more and more people each year.

The more successful an organization becomes, the harder it becomes to do the work that allowed it to succeed in the first place. Increasing costs always make funding current operations a challenge. But MaleSurvivor will only be able to survive if we continue meet our current obligations AND expand our reach every day. We already provide information and support to survivors around the globe, and every day we continue our efforts to reach more and more survivors, especially those in underserved communities. As we continue to grow, your financial support becomes more and more important to our success.

Please consider making a donation to the General Fund today. Donations can be made in one of two ways:

One time donations

Any gift of any size is always welcome no matter how large or small. Your generous support of MaleSurvivor will immediately have an impact on the lives of men who have suffered and those closest to them.

Monthly Support

As important as every donation is to our efforts, monthly donations are perhaps doubly so. Developing a strong base of donors who commit to the cause and mission of MaleSurvivor, and show their support through regular gifts allows us to do a better job of planning for the future. A recurring donation, even one as little as $5 a month, pays dividends far greater than the simple dollar value of the gift.

Thank you for helping.

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MaleSurvivor is registered as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization TIN# 41-1831829, and donations to MaleSurvivor are tax deductible as allowed by US law.