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Please Note: If you are currently in an unsafe situation or aware of someone at risk, we urge you to contact local law enforcement or emergency services. MaleSurvivor does not provide these intervention services.

If you have any questions or difficulties with this web site please contact:

Trisha Massatmassa@malesurvivor.org

If you have any questions about the Weekends of Recovery please contact one of the WOR Co-Chairs:

Howard Fradkinhfradkin@malesurvivor.org

Jim Struve, jimstruve@mac.com

If you’re looking to connect with other male survivors in a safe, discrete, and sheltered environment please visit the MS Discussion Forums. The forums are peer moderated and have subforums for a number of specific topics. Learn more here or visit the forums.

The MaleSurvivor HHS Team can provide answers to your initial questions about MaleSurvivor’s resources, male sexual abuse, and healing. To learn more please click here.

You may also use this contact form for general assistance: