jwh, Thanks for ur post.
It depends on my mood. If I am Feeling Down, I tend to listen to the hardest, fastest, pounding Industrial I can find, Or other music with a driving beat. I have a pair of 12 inch woofers & two 300 watt amps in my car. I like to "feel" the music. I like it when I can feel my in-sides shake. Probablly not so healthy, but too damn bad.
Sometimes it helps me get angry, and I can let out my feelings, & nobody will know, Great. It helps me cry, screem, curse, and no-one will hear me, not even myself, Perfect.
Other times, I feel like I absorb the raw power, & it pumps me up. Elevates my mood, makes me to be Assertive, (instead of aggressive), and helps me to organize my thoughts.
So ya, i guess it does help me to survive.

They will not Give you peace, you must find it yourself, you have the power within you, but you are not alone, We will find it together. -Blacken