i'm sorry to intrude into this area, but reading your post babs, has so infuriated me, I feel I need to rospond.
My blood boils from ur post. Im not sure i could have kept from becoming violent and beating the living shit out of that fool.
Im not one to wish my horrors on anyone, but that guy comes close. Perhaps testicular cancer would be fitting. It boggles the mind that a human being could be so cruel. But of course, we know they are out there. This manager may be one of "them", a child molester. Who found a new victim to torture because he blames the child for his action & desires, to love in his own twisted sickness, to fear cause your strength to endure threatens him-makes him feel weak, to hate because he hates himself & now he found somewhere to direct it-to keep it from consuming him. But, he's too late, it has consumed him like a virus, he has become it. And now he tries to propagate his poisoness views points to others, using the same twisted games that Damned him & cursed his being, to one that is no long human, just being....

They will not Give you peace, you must find it yourself, you have the power within you, but you are not alone, We will find it together. -Blacken