What do male sexual abuse survivors have in common with the Apostle Paul? More than we may think. For example, we were "taught" lessons in life that isolated us, instilling strict adherence to a course that led us to activity that we regret. The Apostle Paul too was taught that the religion he was faithful to was exclusive but it did not prepare him for the coming of Christ, the "fulfilment" of the Law he unswervingly followed. This led the apostle to activities in brutally and cruelly persecuting the Christians in his time, men and women, going into their houses, dragging them out and imprisoning them, certainly actions he later regretted wholeheartedly.

We too may have been involved with activities and actions we deeply regret, lessons we have been taught we are bitter about, and those who taught us have our bitterness as we understand new and healthful lessons. However, how did Paul react when he was "taught" new and healthful ways? His regret and cruelty became ardent advocacy for Christianity. He immersed himself in living and promoting this new way of life. We too can learn this new way of living then be busy in advocating it, diffusing the old lessons and separating ourselves from them in exchange for the healing we have tasted.

Let us learn from the Apostle how to immerse ourselves in our new lessons and become leaders in promoting our new lives to those around us.

MaleSurvivor Moderator Emeritus 2012 - 2014