Writing has been a way for me to transform my story and my experiences, to take the messy tangle and turn it into something beautiful...so I wrote a play about men who had been sexually abused, a combination of my own story interwoven with other men's, and it has been performed several times..always with last minute internal conflict and a feeling of a betrayal on my part..telling stories (indeed the story is mine, and in no way do I include personal details about family members).
All this being said, my ultimate intention is that the play (and in that my life) be about redemption and reconciliation. As I look forward, my soul reminds me I need to continue with this project (and several others), because at the end of my life, not having written them will be my regret..
I still wrestle with making them even more public..and of course, so far, that has been limited, though I had one piece read off-broadway. Some days though, I am reminded that this play may also serve to connect to others who, like me at many times, feel isolated.
Any thoughts/ Advice? How does one speak out about this topic without challenging others, but rather that builds a bridge? How can I speak my truth? Sometimes I feel this project is just pulling me under and holding me back..why not just let it go, and move on?