Hi everyone!

As you know, MaleSurvivor is a non-profit organization that has always depended on the generosity of our community members for its survival. From the mods and greeters all the way up to myself and the board, we all give generously of our time and energy to try ensure that we have a thriving and safe community of healing for all. And your participation and support is a vitally important part of that as well.

In 2013 well over 400,000 people visited MaleSurvivor.org. We had more people attend a Weekend of Recovery than ever before. We spoke with hundreds and hundreds of amazingly courageous survivors and compassionate professionals at Dare to Dream community events, professional conferences, and trainings all over North America. We are all truly making a huge difference by helping get the word out that EVERY survivor of sexual abuse is worthy of Hope, Healing and Support.

How can I support MaleSurvivor?

Here are some easy (and a couple free! laugh ) ways you can help support MaleSurvivor and ensure that we can continue even more survivors find the hope, healing, and support they need.

Make a donation - Obviously, the most impactful way you can help support MaleSurvivor is to donate whatever you can to help us pay for all the programs that we provide to the survivor and professional communities. We have a number of ways you can send in your donations

To make a secure donation by credit or debit card or direct from a bank account:

Please click on the Make a Donation button on the homepage of the website (or just click the link to the left smile

Also - if you'd like to make a donation to the Weekend of Recovery Scholarship Fund

Last year we distributed over $17,000 in financial support to help men who would otherwise been unable to afford to attend a weekend be able to do so. The overwhelming majority of scholarship supports comes from other survivors, many of whom have attended Weekends themselves and want others to be able to experience these transformative retreats. To donate via Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Transfer directly to the Scholarship fund, please use this link, and click on the "Make a Donation" option.

To make a donation bycheck:
Please make your check out to "MaleSurvivor" and mail to:

4768 Broadway #527
New York, NY 10034

** If you want your donation to go to scholarships for the Weekend of Recovery, write "Scholarship" in the memo portion of the check.** or include a note with specific instructions on how you wish the donation to be processed.

To make a donation of securities or stock

Send me an email at canderson@malesurvivor.org

Are you a Federal Employee?

MaleSurvivor is officially recognized as a Combined Federal Campaign participant. To make a contribution through automatic payroll deduction use our CFC code 32750

What else can I do to help? - I am so glad you asked! grin There are many additional ways you can help support MaleSurvivor (most don't cost you a penny, and require but a minute or two of your time.)

Get connected to MaleSurvivor via social media

If you are on Facebook and/or Twitter please visit and "Like" or "Follow" MaleSurvivor's pages there (the links to the left will take you right to our pages). We send out information, news items, and messages of healing daily. You can help us help others by sharing, retweeting, forwarding, and commenting on all the things we share!

Do any Amazon shopping through the MaleSurvivor AmazonSmile portal!

Did you know you can support MaleSurvivor and shop for almost anything at the same time! Through the Amazon Smile program, Amazon will donate .5% of the total of your eligible purchases to MaleSurvivor! Click on this link to check those last items off of your list!

Just a head's up - Kindle purchases do NOT count towards Amazon Smile purchases, but just about everything else does!

For more info on the AmazonSmile program click here.

Write a review of MaleSurvivor

In 2012, MaleSurvivor was named a "Top Rated" non profit on GreatNonProfits.com thanks to the reviews we received from members, friends, and supporters. You can help us ensure we stay "Top Rated" in 2013 and beyond by posting a review on MaleSurvivor's profile. This will be a tremendous help to us as we go to foundations and other major funders.

Shop at these MaleSurvivor stores!
Shop through one of these links and MaleSurvivor will get a small percentage of your total

MaleSurvivor's Amazon Store
MaleSurvivor's Cafe Press Store
Paul Linden Bookstore

Share our email blasts and other items you see on Facebook and Twitter!

If you are open about your status as a survivor, and are willing to help send out our "From the Executive Director's Desk" newsletters, and announcements for our Weekends of Recovery, International Conference, and Dare to Dream events, and to a larger audience, please feel free to forward them onto as many people as you wish. It may even be helpful to include a personal note about why you feel supporting MaleSurvivor is a good thing to do.

(PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - do not feel pressured to do this if you have not already disclosed. If you are new to the healing journey, please know that just being here helps support MaleSurvivor. Really, just sharing the website traffic stats shows people just how vital a resource MaleSurvivor is to people all over the world. In 2013 over 400,000 have visited the website from over 150 countries! And that data means a lot just by itself.)

I thank you all for your courage, your strength, and your support. 2014 is going to be a great year for MaleSurvivor, and I hope you can help us get a jumpstart on our funding needs by supporting us in any way that you can starting now!

Have other ideas, suggestions, or want to volunteer? Send me an email canderson@malesurvivor.org

Thank you!

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