I disclosed and got put through a chipper/shredder.

My son's party is tonight. Still is not welcome. I like to make a very big deal about my kid's birthdays. They are my two most wonderful gifts from God...exactly as I had asked him for.

"Oh, but you'll have your own celebration." Sorry...Private, after-the-date, just me-and-them stuff is sad. Its depressing as f***. Its lonely. Its pitiful. Nothing will be as emotionally black as those birthday parties with the Court's Guardian Ad Litem waiting in the other room, but I thought once the $250K was spent on my side of the divorce, the added pain might stop.

I had a nightmare last night about his birthday, and me getting together with the kids. It was so depressing.

No idea how to fix this bullet wound.
My fault? How's this my fault? [Dean Vernon Wormer, 1978]