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ok this may sound strange, but I actually asked my wife to talk to me more during sex. I have low self image and sometime performance insecurities. I am not asking her to tell me about her day or about the book she is reading. I want her to express how she is feeling at that moment, how I make her feel. I guess I am looking for reassurance that what I am doing is good and right. I want to know that she enjoys sex with me and that it is pleasurable to her as well. I want my wife to tell me when she is close to and when she reaches maximum arousal. For me there is no greater self image booster than knowing I took her to the stars. I dont know about your situation, but maybe she wants to be reassured she is pleasing you. Being told what an awsome lover you are during sex can be very stimulating.

Man that is awesome!

I am so glad you are working thru one of the huge areas of insecurity for men in general. The feeling of being a man, the feeling we had stole from us by being molested,is restored in part for me personally by loving my wife.

It may seem very primal, but being able to love my wife, thoroughly and intensely, has given me a sense of finding the real application of sex.

Normalcy. Getting there.
I feel more like I do now than I did when I got here.