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I am 62 tall, my weight now is about 215. My all-time high weight was 237 and that scared me, that was about 7 yrs ago, since that time Ive dropped back down to where I am now (215), but losing more weight seems next to impossible.

Loosing a significant amount of weight really is one of the hardest things to do in life. For me, I'd say it's possibly even harder over-all than quitting smoking. Way to go on loosing that 22.

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I guess I need to sign up with Weight Watchers again.

Puffer (I need to be "de-puffed")

Yeah, I need to de-puffify myself a little bit. At least by 10 or fifteen pounds. Like I said in this thread the other day, my diet and portion control really are my biggest problems. I have a job that requires a good amount of physical activity and sticking to an exercise routine outside of that isn't a problem for me. Today it was a 3.5 mile run, BTW. Peace,