I have also recently told my wife and this fetish/obsession for women panties and pantyhose. How I wear then when i was little. I am struggling, really hard to try to figure this out. My wife also has no clue what to do. She has unfortunately shun me away. I was labeled by her, and now we are in the same house, but separated. i really have the urge to wear a pair panties under my jeans to work. Is this really me at 40 years old. I am so scared and excited a little. I am scared that my marriage is gone, but that I am truly finding me.
Dealing with the feelings of abuse is not easy. i have to walk this journey to get better. I feel in one way that I am coming out, like if i was gay/bi. It is strange, but the feeling of womens underwear connects me to the little boy that lost his childhood. Strange, and confusing. I will be posting alot on this subject. I hope we all keeping writing and others join. Thank You for not labeling me and for me to feel welcomed.
GOD made me, but who is ME?