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Thanks Puffer, It didn't occur to me that stress could be responsible, but that makes some sense!

I went for a 13 mile walk yesterday, got a bus to a place and walked home from there. Decided to jog part of it at the start- bad idea. I twisted my left ankle, and before I knew it I was on the floor face down. When my left foot went I must have over compensated on my right side when I fell, so I have a big bruise on my right hip where I fell. I have grazes down the right side of my face- but it isn't actually that bad, mostly right side of my chin and near my right eye. I then had to hobble the last 10 miles home, taking me many hours. My left ankle is swollen. Epic fail.

That sounds bad. Hope your ankle is ok now. I read what you said about gaining fat and cutting your calories. Google bmr calculator - I think that stands for base metabolic rate? Something like that. It'll help you work out your own personal daily calorie intake, because the recommended one is just for an average person doing an average amount of activity every day. Whatever average is.

I'm back in after a minor hiccup.