Onwards we must go, where suffering is no more,
A land where courageous men have set foot before,
Breaking the sorceror’s spell we’ve come to know as our ‘past’;
Salvation, redemption... ‘peace’, we meet at last.

Onwards we must go, where the grey mist clears,
Where parasites no longer prey on our weaknesses, on our fears,
Where vultures fly away, knowing we’re carcasses no more,
Where kindness sinks deep, purifying our poisoned core.

Onwards we must go, where distant birds sing,
Cheerful and enlivening, to those voices we cling,
How gracefully they glide, soaring high into the sky;
In flesh, we cannot join, but in spirit, we too can fly.

Onwards we must go, where the vibrant flowers bloom,
Gracefully and respectfully, they invite us into their room,
Embraced in their open arms, do we feel protected and cared,
Alien at first – pain was all we hitherto had shared.

Onwards we must go, where the trees begin to grow,
Slowly but excruciatingly, amidst the icy snow;
Their branches extend and their leaves begin to green,
On their journey, on their odyssey, there is much to be seen.

Onwards we must go, where pristine waters flow,
Unfettered and untainted, their serenity seems to glow,
Blessed by a purity no evil can harm,
Shielded by vigilant angels no demon can disarm.

Onwards we must go, where the crystalline lakes sleep;
The reflections of our faces blurred by tears as we weep,
How far from innocence have we been led astray,
How brutal and merciless were those who paved the way.

But onwards we must go, where the powerful rivers surge,
Where forces of darkness crumble against the ferocity of their purge;
Boulders and logs, they move with equal ease,
Perseveringly they make their way into the vast and stormy seas.

Onwards we must go, where the stars shine bright,
Illuminating the engulfing blackness - they burn to give light,
Under their watchful eyes may we learn how to cope,
And remind ourselves constantly of the existence of eternal hope.

And onwards we must go, where the mountains look on,
Where the plagues of evil and its whispers are long gone,
So majestically do they sit, so stable, so assured,
May we never give into temptations, may we never again be lured.

For onwards we must go, where the light pierces the dark,
Towards justice we must sail; on this ship, we must embark;
No longer may abusers have the power to contaminate thought,
Let us unite, brothers in arms, for this battle must be fought.