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So, recently, I have been coming out with it. I've learned that this coming out process has its own share of nightmares, but I'm weaving my way through it, and trying to put the shreds of my tattered life back together. It's awful. And indescribably agonizing and painful. But now that it's out there, it's all I can do, but try.
Hey Joe,

You're absolutely right. Thats all we can do, face it all, feel it all, and try to reclaim something like a normal life. You have all our support. Just keep moving forward. You will make it.

Can't be bothered with sorrow
And I can't be bothered with hate, no, no
I'm using up the time but feeling fine every day
That's why I'm telling you
I just want to celebrate another day of livin'
Rare Earth