Hey Daniel,

I too have problems with the screaming and crying, it's tearing at my soul and slowly eating up my brain. Were they disposable or just sold to some other hell hole. I have either nightmares or flashbacks about it every night, I cannot get a full night's sleep no matter what meds are given to me. They chase me every night wanting to kill me for what I did. I think about them constantly and I can't shake them off. I don't know yet what the answer is and I'm hanging on threads. I have a shrink appointment tomorrow to try once more to adjust my meds. If you would like to talk please PM me, I won't bother you otherwise but I think we're talking the same shit.

I'm sorry I haven't found that magic yet but I would love to share it with you. If you really need more of it I would gladly give it all to you. Just hang in there.

Peace, Rainbows, Love & Healing
Forgiveness is giving up on the hope that what the past was could have been any different or better.
It's accepting the past for what it was, and using this moment and this time to help yourself move forward.

It will get better....