I know I am doing better when I pick up my brushes and paint. In the last two weeks, I completed an absolutely -forgive me, BUT- breathtaking, impressionist style painting of the forest, a meadow, and about 5 feet of sky full of the colors of nature... blues and greens and golds and whites and lavenders and ... I wish you could see. It is approx 10' x 8' minus the space for the stairway. That's right, its on the WALL in the front foyer.

Today, on the angles created by the other walls (7 to be exact) in the same space, I used periwinkle (shade of PURPLE) alternated with a shade called surf blue... colors of water and sky!! The effect is stunning... modern, sharp, calming, and listen to this... you will love it... I can see the mural section from the counter in the great room, where I stand ALOT...I just stand there...lol.... I hung a golden framed mirror from the thrift store in the clouds in the mural!! Now when I stand at the counter, I emotionally and visually let mentally allow myself to step into the scene into the clouds by stepping through the mirror... I become a part of the composition by stepping into the painting!!! It's really, really cool.

Anyone remember the movie with Robin Williams... "What Dreams May Come"? It's like that as he steps into the "other" world. He becomes a part of the painting. I created my own "other world". ....btw.... i recommend you NOT watch this movie alone. It is one of the most powerful I have ever seen. Triggers from beginning to end just related to life and love and loss.... oh, my God.

My painting just lets me know that I am finding me ... mercy... PURPLE... in the entry way.... and a hand painted mural...... all mine and all for the spirit of fun. My sons will, when they finally come to visit again (he said as a normal dad) fall over in surprise. "Dad. Purple? Really?"....

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