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.... there are those who accept DID as a diagnosis who don't believe Dr. Ross is a credible source.

I'd really like to hear your response. I won't be offended. If you don't want to say it publically, then PM me.


I'm not sure what you are asking and I'm really not an expert on it. I just know that there are people who feel Dr. Ross manufactures memories ( http://www.examiner.com/article/real-lif...ged-malpractice ). Some of those people discount DID entirely because of that, but not everyone does (or at least I figured that was true, maybe I am wrong about that last part). But I'm not trying to pass judgment on him one way or another, just pointing out that there are those with hesitations. If I am overestimating the number of people who have hesitations but who believe in DID regardless, then that is just my own limited knowledge of the topic. I know what I've read makes me question his approach, but not the fact that I have DID. But maybe I am the only one who takes that view.
Like a spent gladiator
crawling in the colosseum dust
who can count on his remaining limbs
all the people he can trust.
Like the one who stands behind him
cheering him on
Estatic when he stands defiant,
wild with abandon when he's gone

just stay alive.
do whatever you need to.
you are worth it.