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Hey Luke,

I'll add my voice to the welcoming committee. You have been through hell, but man you SURVIVED it all! Yes, we all have wounds and scars. But we are finding healing together.

Telling about what happened is a huge step in that process. It took great courage, especially given your bad experience telling your aunt. Keep up the good work man.

Yeah I understand the age thing. But there are guys here of all ages, orientations, backgrounds, and from many countries. You'll find friends here.

I'm one of the older ones myself. I spent most of my life trying to numb the pain through drugs, alcohol, and sex. Now I'm totally sober and facing what was done to me as a kid for the first time. I'm glad to hear you're in AA and have found someone who suffered CSA to share with. I've disclosed my CSA at AA meetings and found a lot of support, as well as finding others who went through similar experiences.

Looking forward to hearing more from you. Glad you're here.


Thanks Jude. Age has always been a number to me. Alot of dudes I know are older than me. Maybe I just always wanted a real father. To this day we don't know who my real dad is. I suppose deep down it still bothers me. I'm glad to make your acquaintance reading threads I see you've replied to alot in support and thanks for replying tome to.

Ttyl Jude