Hi. I'm new to MS and new to recovery. It's been about a year now since I've started therapy. It's been tough and necessary. About two months ago, I stopped holding on and had a huge breakthrough... share freely and openly with my therapist.

So here I am. I am learning how to share, what to share, and what to expect in response. It's new and very scary.

For now, I understand and recognize that isolation is my go to. I never really struggled with alcohol or drugs. I struggled with porn occasionally, but not now. My go to is isolation. I am most comfortable with myself. I am most comfortable at home, by myself. Even during the work day. It's an unhealthy and destructive habit I've decided, but one I have.

I am looking for help... how do I give myself a break when I find myself isolating?

And how do I deal with "triggers" which for me, now, are compliments and criticism?

Feeling good is new for me too, so I was feeling good this last couple of weeks and then BAM, triggers... a compliment from a customer followed by criticism from my wife, on the same Friday. Spent the weekend trying avoiding, I think, and here I am on a Tuesday, overwhelmed and without confidence (which is also VERY new for me).
May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground, carry on. ~Fun.