Music, photography, flying, conservation, running, swimming, art, literature, theater,, these are some pretty awesome solitary pursuits smile If I can a bit selfishly say so - I think I can somewhat relate to each one of them. I love playing soccer (though I'm pretty much dead after the first 2 minutes - probably should cut down on the smoking). I'm also a bit of traveler - I'm going traveling in April/May on my own - Europe in April, and a road trip through some national parks in May. Conservation NGOs are pretty much the only societies I contribute to at the moment. Psychology/therapy help in healing obviously, but I think these passions, 'the one thing', or whatever you want to call it - things that give meaning - they're important just as much and sadly often overlooked in healing I think. Reckon these are the things that keep you in the present and lift you up, if you will, from the past. Glad to hear you guys have it too smile