just my take on this -

in some relationships - he sees gifts as OK - a sign of love - like with his kids. no danger or ambiguity there at all. no strings attached.

in some relationships - like with the perp(s) - he sees gifts a a means of control or manipulation - recalling feelings of victimization, vulnerability, and possibly guilt and shame.

for you - he may be confused as to which it is. he may think of it as friendship/love in his conscious, rational mind - BUT subconsciously feel the conditioned responses from the earlier abuse.

at least that's my guess.
As my life goes on I believe somehow something's changed
Something deep inside...
I've been searchin so long to find an answer
Now I know my life has meaning
Now I see myself as I am, feeling very free...
When my tears have come to an end I will understand
What I left behind: a part of me. Chicago