Ok it has been 2+years since dday. It's been a long road. My husband was a sick man doing sick things and our world fell apart. He fell apart, my strong beautiful husband was reduced to a sobbing shaking drunk child. We were in survival mode. I was trying to keep it from my children, keep him alive. My head has totally gripped it, my heart is broken. His infidelity was with prostitutes, no great affair. Many hours and dollars spent in therapy for us, him and me. He has "said" he wants us. I believe he has been faithful since dday but what the hell do I know. It took me along time to come to this decision. I tried not to move in any one direction quickly. When I asked him to move out I knew it might be for good. I really can't care about what he does. He is not allowed to date and he has left our house kicking and screaming. He didn't want to leave. Our contract is not legal and only you can be the best judge on what you need to protect yourself. I will get the book name for you. We have agreed to not get lawyers involved for the length of the contract.