Thanks for your response, while I appreciate the history involved in the gay community I don't see the roots of a bi person's history as one of that where people tried to hide their being gay or cover their ass by saying bi, to me bi is bi.

I just want to further clarify that the live and let live philosophy is something that I wish we all could embrace, quite honestly and this may be insulting to some but wrapping your entire identity into a sexual preference is limiting the definition of yourself - I believe that men and women are so much more than just a sexual preference, I don't believe that anyone is only gay or only bi or only straight but they are so much more it would be if you only defined yourself as being a parent, or only defined yourself as your own occupation, being any of these categories is one aspect of a life that has been given to us to live among all of the others who are living - if we could embrace each other - without focusing on cataloging a person into a group the amount of individualism would be celebrated and the definitions that we so quickly utilize for each person would be given less preference to the group and we would be looking at each individual as an individual - the word normal would be antiquated and shelved and perhaps one group or another group would not tell one individual how to live but celebrate that they do LIVE = and each person has a contribution to the whole.

I titled this thread please notice the title of this because I would like everyone to realize in the LGBT community that their are 4 letters there - I do not believe that 1 letter or one word can describe the vastness of an individual and in some cases it doesn't even begin to capture the vastness of the definition of human sexuality.