Tonight I attended my SNAP support group. I was overwhelmed. I had a fugue experience that began sometime early Thursday morning and resolved late Sat or early Sunday. I left my home and wandered until sometime late Saturday, when I ended in the hospital. During this time there was snow and the temperatures were in 10-20 degree range in the late afternoon and the evenings. My support group was wonderful, they asked why did not anyone in your family come after you when you left the home and why did they not report you as missing. I was silent but told them of the response given to the hospital when they contacted the home. They just said it showed who they truly are, they know what has happened--they rallied and gave me their full names and telephone numbers and told me to carry them with me at all times--they would come for me. They want to set up a check in tree to ensure I am alright. It is wonderful to have people who understand what we are dealing with. I am so thankful for my support groups and on-line support group. thank you