You rock Benny

I was hurt as a little boy. I am a gay man. A husband, a father, a step father. I am a dynamic, work in progress human being. I almost feel safe to say its all going to be ok. But I'm not quite there yet

I could have wrote this, cuz i am all this too. (well not a step father). Wow, thanks so much for sharing. Its funny, I struggled so long to figure it out, instead of just being. My new mantra is "there is no meant to be". There is no preordained course, script or great omniscient intention.

Like you being in love from a place of such inner honesty has help me feel so settled and the noise has quieted.

All the best Benny

The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. Dalai Lama

WoR Barrie 2011