Thanks Gary. I may be making a few long posts as I digest this. Having dealt with a bunch of disappointments the past 20 years on this, I haven't been willing to "Celia Cruz" (gawd, I love her) until I had some numbers...and it took two months from inquiry to acceptance. Even now, I'm not excited. Just relieved.

Any excitement is tempered by the conditions of the protocol. Meds taken same time of day, EVERY day, with food. No, "oops, I missed a day." Frequent testing will immediately indicate if I'm noncompliant, as they put it, and that's the end of it. Period. Nor do I know, though bad reactions are infrequent, how my body will react to it. If I'm worshipping at the Porcelain God every day that's gonna be a deal-killer.

However, I'm starting to consider, when/if the out-of-town church litigation begins, I might actually be able to handle it. As far as work, I might actually be able to handle longer assignments.

One thing I HAVE learned, however, is to take it at my own pace. Screw other people's expectations ("Okay, so you're 'cured' now?"). Gawd, gimme a fucking break. Ultimate irony: there are reports that as the immune system starts to work again, some actually become sick more often initially because their bodies are finally reacting to ward off infection. I'll call it Mother Nature's Mind Fuck.

Gawd, tens of thousands of dollars worth of medication and I'm posting Chiffon Margarine?

Ah, Gary, I'm sure we can find little nano-size number tags for your nose hairs. Whaddyathink?