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I gather the movie is supposed to focus on Paterno. Wasn't the book "Paterno" basically a whitewash for the late coach?


I haven't read the book (don't feel like giving Joe Posnanski any money), but from what I've read Posnanski is way too generous to Paterno. He paints a picture of this nice old man whose only crime was wanting to give people the benefit of the doubt (conveniently leaving out that you can't give the benefit of the doubt to both perp and victim). I don't have much hope for this film.

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Like a spent gladiator
crawling in the colosseum dust
who can count on his remaining limbs
all the people he can trust.
Like the one who stands behind him
cheering him on
Estatic when he stands defiant,
wild with abandon when he's gone

just stay alive.
do whatever you need to.
you are worth it.