I am very sorry to hear this, and I can't say that I am pleased. This should be a healing and building up time for you; what you have done in the last couple of months have been audacious and sound! Now you do not need someone raining on your parade; she shouldn't be reducing you to tears, but cheering you on to recovery. I am sorry if I sound judgemental, but that is just the way I see it.

Without knowing what she might be going through and how she may be feeling and what expectations of hers she now feels have been cut off by this 'thing' which she didn't know about before hand, I refrain from judging.

Two things that I can recommend that may help:

1. Get her to sign up here - she can get a true insight into what you are going through because sometimes lack of education/enlightenment/knowledge/understanding sometimes lead to lack of empathy. Here she will see what it means to be a survivor and hopefully that will educate her that she is perhaps on a life-long journey as a supporter. There is no quick fix to it. And hopefully that should place her 'get over it' phrase into less frequent use. Also she will learn see you here through the eyes of the rest of us who admire you greatly. Finally she will be able to mingle and get support from those of us here who are not survivors but supporters. This last bit I do remember she wanted - support.

2. You may want to seek some professional support for her so she has someone to speak to when she is feeling overwhelmed and don't know how to support you - so that rather than be impatient with you or even lash out at you as it appears she is doing, she will have someone to speak with to allay her fears and equip her with the right tools and support.

I wish you all the best.
Daily I worry for the safety of my young sons - but worry achieves nothing! So I pray for their safety!