This week, several MS posters have mentioned conflict with their spouses over CSA and how it is handled. I've had several private conversations with folks I have have developed a rapport with on MS. This is good, because I too had a rough discussion with my wife over the weekend. She told me I need to let bygones be bygones and stop worrying about what happened 25 years ago. We all know that is hurtful and not helpful in ther least.

I mentioned privately to someone on here that to be fair, my wife thinks I was "only" fondled at camp. The truth is, I was fondled and I was sodomized. She doesn't know the last part. I've hinted at it, but stopped short. The good advice I received mirrored what I realize deep down----that I need to fully disclose to her what happened to be able to fully heal. I'm seeing my T tomorrow and will discuss this there.

So in full disclosure, I may send up a trial balloon here about camp before fine tuning it and talking to my wife about it. Just when the pavement smooths out, another bump in the road appears. Thanks for everything. You all are a HUGE source of support.

I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made. ---FDR


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