I do feel much more calmness in my gut after the mushroom event. Over thirty-five years of colon constrictions and intestional malabsorbtion problems...after disclosure I was able to associate all the dysfunction and daily stuff to the assault I survived.
I moved to Big Island 1 1/2 years ago and was still a mess. I first lived in a elevated hut with sleeping loft and outdoor kitchen (island style) under the hut.
All solar and rainwater catchment (not potable), the outdoor shower and bathroom were also island style..on demand propane hot water with solar 12 volt pump system.
It was on a exotic bird sanctuary with parrots of every species and monkeys, ostrich, giant tortose, peacocks were everywhere and tons of chickens and game birds.
The sanctuary also has every kind of fruit tree allowed here in Hawaii and many exotic fruits. The tropical jungle environ is so beautiful in this off grid community. Lava and cinder roads with pot holes like kiddie pools. When I walk or bike to my kid sister and nieces home that one has a seasonal river and some serious ponds...the volcano and rising away from the ocean vistas are special places for me to smoke a cig or disassociate in a healthy and healing direction.
I have over 3K fotos on some three e albums and facebook.
Oh, and at the bird sanctuary, my sisters' friend owns it, I paid no rent or work trade. Mara is a unique woman and she taught me about her birds and the jungle here.
Her monkey Mona and I became good buds and I spoiled her..she has a real bad attitude but I found her weakness. She wanted friendship and attention. I took fruit smoothies and treats she is allowed to eat all the time..she would bang her cage if she heard my voice.
As monkeys do she wanted to see or touch everything, mp3 to a pair of magnets...I entertained her curiosity and coffee in the morning was a trip..she would rub coffee all over her body...she did the same with my handrolled cig butts also but would eat a MJ butt.
I moved from there to a retreat/day spa and paid $450 a month living off grid in one of two artist cottages. I had access to everything and my daily strolls thru the gardens were soothing and filled with beauty. I named all the gardens.
While living there Sherri, the owner and another friend of the sister, she also had a dwarf donkey and white billy goat, rabbits and chickens and orchids everywhere among the flowers and tropical trees/palms. She also had her three acre land ringed with two dozen giant Rainbow Eucliptus trees. Google an image of these multi-colored beauties.
I now live in a outdoor, sheltered and dry living ful on comforts local style..separate living, cooking and sleeping areas with bamboo screened walls. Flush toilet and on demand hot water via propane. Everyone visiting loves it.
I sleep to the sound of a gazillion Koki frogs and jungle night birds..nice for those night terrors that plague me...and wake to the daily rain squalls that sweep in from the Pacific Ocean. The song birds and chickens visit each morn as I view my internet stuff on this phone..smoking cigs and easing into the day. The sun usuall burns the cloud cover and as they unload their water a sea breeze lifts them over the volcano and I head out for the day if I am not on some kind of meltdown.
Many of my friends here are all communal in hosting gatherings. Yesterday thirty folk met over at a friends to give Mike a Hawaiian Sending as he passed into the next realm two Fridays ago on December 9th. I smoked over twenty pounds of local pork and chicken using the local wild guava tree.
This side of Big Island is the wet side, The Puna, and gets an average of 18ft/6m of rain anually. But even today the temp is 78f, shorts and sandals year round. I don't own a real pair of shoes and wear cheap flip-flops called slippers here.
I wear hemp instead of cotton sister has made and sold hemp clothing for over twenty years here and on on internet. I pay her full price too..its the best for tropical weather.
Anyway...the Big Island is nicknamed The Healing Island and if you let it this place can help cure what ails you.
I eat local farmers market vegies and drink rain water filtered with a UV system and harvest from the jungle many wild fruits and medicinal tangerine and citrus fruits. I still have the forearm scrape from tumbling out of a avacado tree I was shaking...sometimes I use a three foot branch like a boomerang tossed into the higher limbs to drop a few...I learned that long ago knocking down peaches as a kid. here has brought me some lifelong saught after inner peace...and when the psychotic/neurotic SHTF I can get to mid-line quicker.
I hope you and others reading this can spend some time on this island and experience a different Hawaii than any of the other islands...this is also a very affordable place for someone on limited funds..not much work here in normal work opportunities like on the mainland. Off grid rentals here average $350 to $600 dollars a month and even less for work trade which is abundant but some are hell..craigslist has many great opportunities..everyone uses it here. Two and three bdrm homes average $750 to $1,100 for off grid living. I know of a bitchin solar/beautiful octagon with attached pods and sleeping loft..all custom woods and artistic tile work..with a pond full of Talipia all for $650...its called The Hobit House and is on the bird sanctuary...paradise!
Gotta go the the farmers market today and the soft rain will be cooling on the six mile bike ride..I will see my sis there selling hemp clothing and visit my buddies sister has intro'ed me to locals all over the island..and I have made many friends and aquaintances in my journeys here..I buy vegies/friut and breads from my favorite farmer and chat my way round...I love the food venders too!
Aloha and sending you all Peace and Harmony.
Doug>ASA Survivor (1x)
ECV 6001/MaTuCa Chapter 1849
E Clampus Vitus
"What Say the Brethren"
"Hang the Bastards"