it sure would have been nice for someone to have noticed me as a kid.
To be scooped up & rescuded from that Hell that I wasn't even completely aware I was in.
The signs were there, like writing on a wall. no one was interested in reading it.
Let's see, he can't focus on his work, daydreams, sleeps in class, but he's got 2 parents. Hmmm, he must have a "learning disability", we'll "hold him back a grade & get him a tutor" that will fix everything.
I recall something new. I almost told that tutor. I was in the third grade. I wanted her to rescue me. it was so hard. adults are suppose to know, everthing. it must mean she doesnt care cause its not an issue. (not the words I thought, but how it felt to me) So just not say anything.