Being the eve of the American Thanksgiving holiday (and besides a nightmare woke me up and I can't sleep) I thought a thread on gratitude might be appropriate. Whether you express your gratitude to God, nature, or just to the world in general, there is something healing about doing so. So I'll start.

1) For my children, who through their lives give me hope that mine is worth something.
2) For my wife who, even though we're on the brink of divorce, has stood by me for 35 years and put up with my shit, never letting me get away with giving up.
3) For my job as a nurse where I get to help people who are sick and dying.
4) For having a home and food and enough money to live on without going further into debt.
5) For my friends here on MS who talk me out of depressions and remind me that I'm not the freak that I've believed myself to be for 42 years.
6) For my friends at AA who help keep me sober.
7) For my therapist who started EMDR with me last week.
8) For cars that run and have snow tires.
9) For no snow on the ground yet.
10) For having the week off and sleeping alot.
11) For no more acting out sexually or with porn (blush).
12) For being able to finally face my CSA after hiding it and medicating it with booze, drugs, and sex, for 42 years.
13) For being able to go on no matter how bad it gets.

Please continue..........
I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories
Sarah McLachlan