You are simply a hero, and one to look up to! You have taken the right steps every step of the way! God bless you!

My only advice to you is never ever to underestimate what you went through! The trauma children experience as a result of unwanted sexual experience is very difficult to gauge viz-a-viz the perceived degree or nature of the experience even though it is generally agreed that contact sexual abuse is always more damaging than non-contact abuse. So do not think anyone on here will think what you went through pales into insignificance in the total scale or the various types of sexual abuse some vile adults subject children to. CSA trauma is trauma. Remember, he (your father) and your cousin should have known better. You were only a child.

I am very proud of you! And I know what it is like not to have a family. I finally discarded mine some months ago, when after 38 years, I realised that there was just no one way these people will ever be humane towards me or my children. You are better off without their poison, my darling.

Rock on, be the best husband and father you can ever be. Your wife and children are your family! And of course you have us all here - your brothers and sisters!
Daily I worry for the safety of my young sons - but worry achieves nothing! So I pray for their safety!